Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Minions and Mignon

Prepping today for our management meeting tomorrow, and over lunch a colleague and I discussed, as we frequently do, new ideas and new concepts. We also re-hash old ideas and concepts, and try to psychoanalyze nearly everyone we work with. It's a good time, and we typically choose delicious places to eat, so it's win/win.

We determined today that our business would be considerably more successful if we, the two of us, were allowed to make major decisions and implement sweeping change with wanton abandon. We also determined that this sort of workload dicates a hefty staff of minions to carry out our incredibly creative and sure to be successful plans.

Then we spent 10 minutes debating whether minions could be singular, as in minion, or if it's inherently plural and must always be said as minions. If it's the latter, then we would need at least two minions, in order to fulfill the plurality rule, although we'd probably be much more efficient with three or more. This, in turn, led to a discussion of minion versus mignon, as in filet mignon, and another five minutes or so of speaking in ridiculous French accents.

Yes, we actually do accomplish good work. We just have a ton of fun doing it.


Anonymous mama said...

I think thee haveth too much funith

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