Wednesday, January 31, 2007

T minus 3...and counting

Ahhhhh. Back to the world of blogging.

Many apologies for my absence yesterday. The elves at Blogger insisted that, after months of procrastinating, that it was high time I moved over to the Google site. Not sure the reason for this, but it was my time to migrate and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. I'm also not sure what is involved with moving, but seeing as how it took almost all day I imagine there were little virtual movers packing up my digital files into virtual boxes, loading them into a virtual truck, then moving them to the new location. The new digs feel great, don't they?! Yeah, I can't tell a difference either.

So M went to town with Sears, jumping through the same hoops I did and getting just as far. He took control Monday night, and the conversation devolved into him repeating, "That's not an acceptable solution. Try again." over and over. He got essentially the same response, "Ummm, I'll have to have someone call you back." Riiiiight. That's what we've heard for months now.

He did actually get someone to call him back, only to have that person tell him the same thing I've been told, "We can't (don't want) to help you." The reasons have changed throughout all this, but the topper came last night when he was told that had we documented every call we made, then they might be able to do something. So, let me get this straight. I call you fifteen billion times, you don't return any of my calls, and because I didn't write it all down, you can't help me. So, essentially, it's my fault that you sold me defective merchandise, refused to service or replace it, and wouldn't communicate with me about any of it. My fault. So not pleased.

M has decided that we are never to set foot in a Sears store again. Even if it's blizzard conditions and we have to go to the mall and the nearest entrance is through a Sears store, we will walk around the outside of the mall to use a different entrance. He has requested that all of you who buy him gifts to please never get him anything from Sears ever again. The regular part or the softer side. I sensed some sadness on his part, as he's a Craftsman junkie, but he's quitting cold turkey.

On a whim the other day, I googled "I hate Sears." You wouldn't believe the number of sites that came up. Holy crap. The company has some serious issues. Also, since this whole ordeal started, we've heard from multiple family members about equally appalling encounters, and how they refuse to shop there ever again. It's a shame, because Sears used to have such a strong, solid reputation. Funny how quickly a brand can become tarnished, huh?

We're three short days away from the Event of the Year, namely, Bridal Beano's wedding. Everything is falling into place, and other than the fact that we're going to freeze our collective ass off that day, I'm looking forward to it. The Z family has a starring role, what with my being maid of honor (I refuse to use "matron" as it makes me feel about 80 years old), M being a groomsman and Zozo being Flower Girl. We gonna look gooooood that day.


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