Monday, January 29, 2007


That's it. I'm there. I'm now on a one-woman mission to bring down the behemoth Sears Corporation.

Have I told you how much I hate Sears?

Well, it's gone to a whole new level.

After more phone calls, and more promises to call me back which never happened, I got to Carol on the Teleservice Recovery Team. What the hell is a Teleservice Recovery Team anyway?

Here's the tail end of our conversation:

Carol: We can't help you. The defect is cosmetic.
A: No, it's not. A cosmetic defect is a scratch or a dent. This thing DOES NOT WORK. That's not cosmetic.
Carol: We consider it cosmetic because it doesn't interfere with the function of the washer.
A: No, it doesn't interfere with the function of the washer, because it's not part of the washer. The washer can function just fine whether it's even there or not. In and of itself, this unit is broken. BROKEN. Defective from the beginning.
Carol: It's cosmetic. The washer works fine, right?
A: Yes, the washer works fine. But I'm not complaining about the washer. I want the base replaced, not the washer.
Carol: Well, we can't do that. Because it's just cosmetic.
A: IT'S NOT COSMETIC. THE UNIT IS BROKEN. {Sigh.} So, let me get this straight. I paid $XXX for this, and you gave me a defective unit, and now you're saying that you won't replace it, even though you admit that it is defective and needs to be replaced, but you won't replace it because you consider it to be cosmetic even though we both know it's not. So I shelled out good money for something that's broken and you won't do anything about it?
Carol: That's right.
A: So my money is just down the toilet. Gone. Wasted.
Carol: That's right.

You have got to be kidding me.

I asked her if I could talk to someone else, and she told me no, that I've gone as high as I can go. Apparently the Teleservice Recovery Team (?) is on the same level as the ^&*%$ CEO at Sears.

Okay, I've spent more than enough time on this little issue today. And I'm steaming mad and ready to spit nails.

So, it's time to take a break, regroup, and figure out my next steps.

Anyone have the home phone number of the Sears CEO?


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