Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Alone in cyberspace

Nothing much new to report today. My boy is in Florida, where he ate at The Beach House yesterday. Blackened grouper on the deck while watching the sun set on the ocean...not a bad way to spend an evening. Beats cleaning up the poopy diapers that are remnants of Zozo's stomach bug anyway. My Bean is in Mexico on her honeymoon, and she already sent me a text message from the beach, in which she assured me she's wearing SPF 30. Not sure I believe her, but the proof will come when she lands and she's either bright red or the same color as when she left. We shall see. Steffi is traveling to LA today, for a one-day meeting. Always great to spend more time on the plane getting to your meeting, and getting back from your meeting, than what it takes to hold the actual meeting. Videoconferencing, people! Not exactly a new concept!

What all this means is that my homies with whom I regularly e-communicate are all unreachable. All at the same time.

I feel e-lonely.


Blogger the said...

i'm still here pumpkin- and still thinking about you!

9:05 AM  

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