Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Remember The Alamo Salsa!

I'm baaaaack!

SA was fantabulous! Great time. Good conference, awesome food. Lots of fun. And although it was hard to be away from M and Zozo, it was at least bearable. The amount of time was long enough to accomplish what we needed to, but short enough that I didn't feel as though my heart was physically being ripped from my chest every time I saw a child. That's what happened last year, and I darn near cried every time I saw/heard a baby. This year I was able to smile and say, "What a darling baby!" while thinking, "But mine's cuter." Which is what I'm pretty sure every parent does.

I'd have to say one of the best things ever invented by the hospitality industry is table-side guacamole. Being in San Antonio, one must of course take full advantage of the proximity to Mexico and it's delicious culinary culture. I had guac two days in a row and would have had it more had we stayed. Delicious!

Got to see The Alamo, which was great. The Alamo is one of those things that everyone must see before they die. It's not particularly that spectacular, but it's an important part of US history, and inspiring and all that. Plus, they have a fun gift shop where I got a yellow "Remember the Alamo!" t-shirt for Zozo, and a little stuffed armadillo, which she hugged and kissed this morning, before throwing it on the floor. After I picked it back up she inspected its ears and then tried to scratch its eyes off. She likes to show the love.

I also got a coon-skin hat (ala David Crockett) for Joejoe, and an Alamo Ranger pin that says JOE. M got two jars of official Alamo salsa, in two different varieties, because I'm just that generous a wife. Funny story about the Alamo salsa: so I completely forgot about the pesky TSA rule that says you can't bring liquids on board airplanes now, at least up top. I'm heading through security congratulating myself on my wise choice to wear my Merrills, which slip easily on and off, when I hear the x-ray screener call another agent over for a "liquids check." They pulled the bottle of water out of my bag first (Doh!) then got to the salsa ($%^&*). I ran back to where I had checked my big bag, but it was long gone.

I ended up stuffing the salsa, some paper materials from the conference, my scarf, and my heavy wool coat into a small duffel bag provided by the conference and checking that. One American Airlines person called down to the baggage folks to let them know another bag was coming while a second took my bag and ran it back himself. Awesome folks in SA. Then I got to run through security again and run to my gate. We had bumped up to fly standby on an earlier flight, so I was cutting it pretty close.

Needless to say, I made it, and M's Alamo salsa made it, which was great because I had spent the flight wondering a) if I'd ever see the bag, and my coat, again, given that it was so late in getting checked and b) if I did see the bag and my coat again, would my coat be Alamo salsa flavored?

Another funny story from the Alamo: when I was perusing the gift shop I found several items that we actually sell here at the spa. Which was rather distressing to me, until I started calling it The Spalamo, which I think is hilarious but which makes M roll his eyes and think, "I hate it when she goes out of town."

Picked up a new joke during the final keynote, which rivals my standard ha-ha joke of How does Hitler tie his shoes?

So, here's my new joke:
What's the difference between mash potatoes and pea soup?

Are you ready?

Wait for it.

It's great.

Anyone can mash potatoes.


I've got tons more I could write, but I've got some catching up to do and should get back to that.

Plus, there is a work crew outside my window bringing a giant tree down, and it's making me quite nervous. Think I'll find some excuse to wander up to the front...


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