Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wine Whine

Oooooooo. I have cobwebs in my head. You know, that kind of mucky feeling you have the day after you drink too much wine? Not so much hungover, or headachy, or anything like that. Just like I'm running a little slower today than normal. Head feels a little thick.

I've gotten a good jump on my work day, clearing lots off my "to-do" lists, returning phone calls and e-mails, etc. It's just at a slightly slower pace. I'm startin' to speed up though, so watch out!

This afternoon M and I get to take a field trip to the orthopedic surgeon. He's been tentatively diagnosed with a torn labrum, which is this little ring of cartilidge around the socket part of your shoulder. He's getting an MRI today to confirm the diagnosis, and to plan what surgery/therapy will be needed. Because this is his right shoulder, he won't be able to drive his stick-shift sportmobile afterwards, hence my excuse for going. He typically doesn't like his pesky Wife going along to doctors' appointments, but I prefer going so as to avoid conversations afterwards that go like this:

A: How was the doctor's visit?
M: Fine.
A: What did he say?
M: Nothing.
A: What's the diagnosis?
M: It's not a big deal.

Then later, when he's talking to various other people, I get the much more of the story. I am of the belief that the Wife should know news of a medical nature before others, and that the Wife should know greater detail than others. He is of the belief that he doesn't like going to the doctor, talking about going to the doctor, or even thinking about going to the doctor. It's easy to brush off the pesky wife when she starts pelting him with questions, but it would be rude to do that to others, so he grudgingly answers them. That's typically how the Wife learns about the doctor's visit when she doesn't get to go along.

Wish us luck!


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