Thursday, January 11, 2007

Date Night

M and I had Date Night last night. The first Date Night since before Halloween. It was fantastic.

We both ate our meals slowly and deliberately. Not stopping to cut pieces into weensy bits for someone with no teeth to eat. Not stopping to wipe off someone's grubby little paws, or picking bits of food off her face and out of her hair. Not lunging to grab a purple plate before it goes flying off the tray. Our meals were hot when we first started eating, and still hot when we finished. It's amazing how wonderful eating warm food can be.

We were able to talk to each other using "big boy" and "big girl" words and voices. I had a glass of wine, he had a bottle of beer, and no one drank through a straw or dribbled milk down her chin.

There was no impatient pointing or grunts, no tears, no squeals.

And yet, the best part of the entire evening was coming home to her.


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