Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You want me to advertise where?

Tried to post earlier today but the elves at Blogger were diligently working behind the scenes on something and the whole dang site was sidelined for a bit.

It's the new year, which means that every rep in the world is crawling out from his or her hole and calling me, wanting me to advertise. Today I spoke with a gentleman (?) from Hooters of America who wants to work a trade. Ummmm, no.

I've also been stalked by an annoying woman trying to sell me on participating in a "prom show" for local high school girls. Again, no. I was completely turned off by two things: 1.) she showed up here with no appointment (huge pet peeve...do not do that if you ever want me to buy from you) and 2.) she mentioned that her publication was very popular, and in fact was just picked up by her daughter and all her classmates at "Viz." Let me just say that I've only met a few people associated with Viz and I'm not impressed. At all. One was a pushy intern who felt that she was too good to do the grunt work I did every day for my job. So yeah, that's an immediate turn-off. (Many apologies if one of M's aunts went to Viz...I can't keep track of where ya'all went, and so if you did, you are excluded from my rant about Viz people.)

Also dealt with a pushy guy from a one-off yellow pages directory type thing, who tried to convince me that despite the fact that the Bell pages are known and used by everyone, and go out to everyone and their grandma, I should use his new directory that is hitting a very small part of our target market.

I've been hit up by the Val-Pak folks, Channel 2, some dude (and by dude, I mean he actually used "dude" in his voicemail to me) telling me that he's run a Web page analysis on my site and it's not ranking well and wouldn't you know he can fix it, the local society rag, a sports radio station, a company that publishes newsletters for subdivisions, an idiot from another radio station who feels the need to tell me how he's recovering from yet another night of partying, some guy named Ralph from the a business I've never heard of who sounds like a sleezy lounge lizard, the on-line yellow pages guy (who hadn't talked to his co-workers at the regular yellow pages to find out we weren't interested and so pestered me with voicemails until I finally gave up and answered), and various students from local high schools who think that we should be running ads in their papers and sports bulletins.

Limited budget, people! Limited budget!

Of course, even if I did have the money, I don't think I'd be spending it on these things.


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