Monday, January 08, 2007

"I've been Zoe'd"

So we're all ready to leave this morning, all three of us, and M figures out that his wallet is missing. This is not a good thing, obviously, as he needs his license to drive and it is a safe bet that his credit cards should not be in some stranger's hands, especially if that stranger is not an honest type, not that we would know since we've no idea where the wallet actually is. As usual, I went into my mental checklist mode, first narrowing down where he might have lost it, going through the many stops we had this weekend and remembering if he used his wallet or I used mine, and eventually reaching the conclusion that he last used his wallet yesterday evening when we got gas at Sam's.

Then I ran through the mental checklist of things that need to be done if it is indeed lost. Check the credit cards on-line and see if someone's getting a new entertainment system in time for the SuperBowl. Call the credit card companies and have them issue new cards. Go through last month's statements and list the utilities who automatically charge the cards every month, then jump through whatever hoops I have to jump through to get them changed to the new account. Set up new on-line passwords for the new accounts.

I called M later, as when I left he was frantically searching the house.

"Did you find your wallet?"
"Great! Whew! Where was it?"
"I've been Zoe'd."
"Uh oh. Where was it?"

It seems that our darling daughter had "borrowed" his wallet to play with, then, doing what Zozo always does, "hid" it under the bed. She likes to hide things, and we frequently find her toys stashed under chairs, ottomans, couches, etc. He claims that he knows it was her as the wallet was not folded and laying flat, but rather was open and standing on end. Which is the hallmark of Zozo. I believe him. His final statement was, "I think this gives me the impetus I need to clean off my over-crowded nightstand." Uh huh.


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