Friday, November 10, 2006

What's that smell? Ham?

It's Friday! Yippee skippee!

You know what's ironic? A whole week of absolutely gorgeous weather, during the five business days of Monday through Friday, that would be perfect for doing things outside. Like putting up Christmas lights. And then the two weekend days being totally crappy. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for decent weather this weekend, as I really don't want The Hub up on the roof in rain.

This is my last working day before SpaBoss leaves for her dance comp. She's at the other two locations this morning, and I'm sure she's frantically tying up loose ends before she goes. Why is it that getting ready to leave on vacation and digging out from the pile that accumulates while on vacation pretty much negates any good effects of the vacation? I always feel sorry for the poor bastards running around like crazy before they go. This, I suppose, could be one of the reasons we never go on vacation.

My hips are doing very well, and I could've probably skipped the girdle today but wanted to play it safe. I had been told that the second treatment was much better than the first, and that assessment is definitely correct. Instead of four days of constant pain, this time I just had one sorta rough night that was made infinitely easier with the help of prescription pain killers. All other days were perfectly bearable without so much as even a Tylenol. This all makes me think that the swelling will go down much more quickly as well, and hopefully I'll get to start seeing some progress. I really shouldn't say that they are my hips, actually, as the doctor and nurse keep referring to them as "love handles." I always thought love handles were more up in the stomach region, like the side of your abdomen, but I'm not a doctor. Or a nurse. Thankfully.

Today for lunch, M and I have cheese samiches. Why no meat, you ask? Well, interesting story. We went to Sam's the other night to get some food and one of those foodstuffs was indeed yummy lunchmeat. Honey ham, to be precise. Since it was dark when we got home (blasted Daylight Savings Time), we missed the lunchmeat in the trunk when we carted all our goods into the house (blasted Sam's with no grocery bags). So the lunchmeat rode around in my trunk for several days before finally being remembered by M when he went to make our samiches this morning. It looks perfectly fine, which is scary, but went directly into the trash can in the garage. So, today we have delectable ham and cheese samiches, hold the ham. I think it's time to break into the Reduced Fat Chef Boyardee Ravioli cans stashed in my desk drawer.


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