Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can't you leave NOW?!

When your boss is getting ready to go out of town for a week and your annual customer appreciation event is the day before she leaves, and your boss tends to wig out anyway when she's going out of town even when there is no customer appreciation event the day before she leaves, things get a little crazy.

I've laid out three new coupons and sent them to my printer, along with an existing document we also need on hand for Sunday. "Color copies, on the double!" I think he's ready to kill me, because at the same time I have him doing some new business cards for us, and new notepads. I've also created a myriad of new signs, and printed flyers galore at my own little color printer here.

I knew it was bad when she came in with a chunk of heavenly hash from Lake Forest Confections as a peace offering.

So, that's why no post this morning. I hit the ground running and haven't looked back. Whew!

Still more to do...the above was just for one of our three locations...


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