Thursday, November 09, 2006

S'more images (from long long ago)

Nothing new, really, to post tonight. Just killing some time before I fall asleep reading.

I am pooped from today. Just worn out. Which is good, because I should sleep well.

But it's bad, in that I have absolutely no brain power left to write anything even remotely witty here.

So, since I have no brain power to write, I will post some more images. Uncle Milt has put out the call for photos from the past year, which got me to thinkin', and browsin', and I realized that there are quite a few good shots I never got around to posting. After working on them for awhile, I realized there is a theme. Let's see if you can figure out what it is. (These are posted in chronological order.)

Checkin' out one of the Z Family Bricks

Shelly and Joe at Uncle Milt's Birthday Night at the Ballpark

Joe and Rob at Uncle Milt's Birthday Night at the Ballpark

Notice who is the only one actually watching the game.
If you look closely at M's right wrist, you can see the infamous rally band.
It's officially been retired.

Margaret and Dan at Uncle Milt's Birthday Night at the Ballpark

Self-portrait, and not half bad.
Taken before start of final World Series Game.

Ryan and M, after The Win.

Two cups of hot chocolate: $8
One Tiffany bracelet for anniversary: $175
Two meals at the ballpark: $17.50
Getting your car out of hock: $250
Watching your favorite baseball team clinch the World Series: Priceless

M wasn't so successful with the self-portrait this time,
but the image tickles me nonetheless.

M aptly named this image: "Done Celebrating"


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