Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm a firm believer in word-of-mouth. I think it can be used to spread good information about businesses...whether that business deserves your patronage or whether it does not.

I like to share information with my loved ones and business associates, so they don't have to go through the same trial and error I have. For instance, I have my favorite printer, designer and Web developer. I take them with me from job to job, and I recommend them unequivocally to anyone. I know the best camera store in St. Louis (Schiller's), a great place to get petit fours (Clayton's Bakery), and a great place for catering (Amighetti's in Rock Hill). These are places that never let me down, who are wonderful to work with, and who don't rip me off.

Granted, there are places that I also do NOT recommend due to bad experiences. For instance, I will blast Creve Coeur Camera to the end of my days because of the numerous times they "messed up" in my book. I like to give places a few chances before completely writing them off. CCC had more than their share, and I not only do not recommend them, I vehemently express my disatisfaction with them. I also know things like don't bother going to PF Changs without a reservation, and don't take a party larger than four or five to Elephant Bar (that was learned last night!).

Today, thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I found a great jeweler. Glenn Betz Jewelers on Manchester. I took my two rings to have their settings fixed. The gentleman behind the counter took a look, fixed 'em on the spot, and refused to charge me. He shot me a winning smile and just said, "Come back to see us sometime." You bet your bippy I'll be back. And you bet any time anyone needs a recommendation for a jeweler I'll send them to Glenn Betz. Third generation family-owned. A beautiful showroom full of glittering diamonds and lustrous pearls, and not an ounce of pretention in there. Don't you just love that?


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