Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hear me roar

I am the Webmaster! Or Webmistress, actually, since I'm a girl.

Normally our site is pretty maintenance-free. Now and again I'll go in and do updates here and there, and add some new information or post an event announcement. Those days I don't feel very Webmistressy.

However, the spa just went through a price increase (not much, only a coupletwothree bucks for most services). You'd think this wouldn't be a huge ordeal, you know, just for a few bucks. You'd be wrong.

Thankfully, I haven't had anything to do with the spa's general software revision. Instead, I'm only responsible for the Web site. There are two parts to this...the actual site, and the shopping cart. I can update the shopping cart from my desk, as it's a Content Management Site (thank you EJ, my Web guru extraordinaire), but the bulk of the site has to be done sitting down with aforementioned extraordinaire and going through it, flash piece by flash piece. I banged out the shopping cart today, and that's why I'm feeling like a Webmistress. Not only did I update the prices, I also created the new section for Medical Spa, populated it, and then updated all the photos to the new gift certificate. I sit down with EJ on Tuesday and bang out the rest.

Adding to my Webmistressy feeling is the fact that I Googled myself for the first time in ages yesterday and found that there is something out there in the great wide Web that associates me with the spa. Finally. Not only that, I'm considered an "industry pro." Sweet!

Now, if I could only get my child to drink from a sippy cup...


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