Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Second Tooth

Zozo has another tooth!

I saw it just below the surface last night, while we were playing, and then this morning it had popped all the way through and is actually sticking out quite a bit. M saw it first, which is way cool. We were changing her diaper, which means that I was changing her diaper while he played peek-a-boo with her and Hoot the Owl, and suddenly he said, "She has another tooth!"


Also, she's completely obsessed with walking behind her little car. She spent much of the weekend doing that, and apparently ran Grandma ragged yesterday by walking all over the place. Just wait 'til she figures out she doesn't need the car to walk. I don't have any shots of her doing this yet, but I found the car on-line and can show you what that looks like, at least.

Just to repeat, this is not my child. This child is Asian whereas mine, obviously, is not. Also, no offense to the child above, but my daughter is much, much cuter. Zozo does not choose to take her dolly for a ride as the child pictured above. She prefers to toss various toys onto the seat of the car and push them around. At our house, it's the gears from the gear set that Aunt Margaret gave her, and sometime her socks. At Grandma's yesterday, it was some small Lego-like doggies and the top of an instant soup container.

Just talked to the ped about Zozo's refusal of the sippy cup. We've been green-lighted to "play hardball." The bottles are disappearing, effective immediately. She may resist for 24 or 36 hours, or even more, but when she gets thirsty she'll drink. Out of a sippy cup. Ha! The nurse warned that it may be a rough day or two, but Zoe will get over it. It's not Zoe I'm worried about! M is calling Grandma now to give her the news. Sorry Zozo...it's time to say "bye bye!" to the bottles!


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