Friday, July 07, 2006

Sunshiny Day

Yesterday was full of running hither and yon at work, doing this and that, and I have to say I am loving it. I love my job. LOVE it. I have fun, but I work hard, and I totally enjoy what I am doing. Having worked in non-profit most of my career, I was really struggling with the transition to for-profit and finding "the mission." What am I doing to help people? At Red Cross, it was easy. First I was helping people who were affected by disaster, and helping people prepare for disaster, and making sure as many people as possible knew the life-saving skills of first aid and CPR and whatnot. Then I was helping people by encouraging everyone who can to donate blood. I still feel very passionately about all those things, by the way, and still adore the American Red Cross as an organization and encourage all of you who can to please continue donating time, money and blood whenever you can.

Anway, so going from that situation to working in a day spa was quite a difference. Many people think that day spas are all about vanity and self-indulgence, and to a certain extent, they are. But, at the same time, I've learned that it's much bigger than that. We encourage healthy living, and using the spa as a tool in your arsenal of resources to make that happen. We all know that stress can have a very negative impact on our health. Bad things happen as a result of stress: acne, tension, muscle aches, and bigger stuff like heart attacks and strokes. At the spa, we can help take care of that stress through massage therapy, body treatments and facials. Manicures and pedicures not only encourage good grooming, but they can positively affect the health of your hands and feet (not to mention reducing stress!). The human touch is a very powerful force. I'm not saying we save lives here, by any stretch, but simply that we can help people achieve a healthy balance in their life, and therefore achieve better quality of life.

Then there's the obvious. We all know about the dangers of the sun. Yes, yes. I've been pale and proud for years, but now it's becoming my mission to save the world from skin cancer. I see people with tans and I think, "Tsk tsk, look at that damage. They need Murad's Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex, which can reduce photodamage by 46% in just four weeks!"

So, yeah, I know that a day spa may sound froo-froo to many of you, but having worked here for a year now, I've firmly bought into the notion that it can be an essential part of life and health.

Last night we went to Grandma Frank's and had a delicious meal prepared by Uncle Marty. Holy cow. He made his special cannelloni and salad and bruschetta, and we all pigged out. Some of us more than others (Uncle Jim had five cannelloni! Five!). We all trooped outside around 9:22 to watch the shuttle/space station fly overhead (they're docked now), which was very cool. It was a great night, as usual, with the family, and I thank you all for being the wonderful people you are (and a special thanks to Marty, Dee, Grandma and Shelly for making that was fantastic!).

Zozo had fun hanging out with all her cousins, and showing off her floozy outfit. Her floozy outfit was given to her by her Great Aunt/Godmother Shelly, and consists of leapard-print material outlined in red tulle. It's quite hysterical, and M has been waiting for just the right time to show it off. He decided last night was it, with a ton of the family all together and all. It was hysterical.

At work this morning we had our monthly staff meeting. Every meeting, I have to stand up and present what's going on in the world of spa marketing. At least what's going on in my world of spa marketing. I hate public speaking. Hate it. I get all nervous and clammy and shaky. My voice quivers and, even though I talk fast anyway, I somehow manage to talk even faster, making my words virtually unintelligible to anyone but me. This is a problem anyway, but we have many employees for whom English is a second language, so for the most part, I've been sounding like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons when I get up there, only in high-speed.

M and Peg have been coaching me, though, gently guiding me through the steps to become a better public speaker. M says, "Just give it time. The more you do it, the easier it will become for you." Peg says, "You must simply slooooow doooooown."

By gosh, they were both right. This morning's meeting was the first time that I enjoyed giving my presentation. I wasn't nervous before, which almost made me nervous actually, and I didn't shake or get hot. I was able to deliver what I wanted to say clearly and slowly (I think...I haven't gotten feedback yet, but I figure no feedback is better than bad feedback). So, yay for me!

Oh yeah, and I've been at the spa a year now, so I got a lovely bouquet of magenta flowers (I have no idea what kind they are, but they are beautiful). Plus I ate two little powdered sugar doughnuts and how can those not make you happy?

Tonight is dinner with Mary B. Mary B. is a gourmet cook. She's the type of person that when she invites you to dinner, you reschedule the Dalai Lama for. My stomach does a little happy dance when she calls. I have no clue what she's making, and I don't care because I know it will be good.

Plus, it's Friday. What could be better?!

Well, Uncle Cloyd could be better. Keep praying for him and Aunt Jo, please. They're still trying to get to the bottom of what he's got going on. He's in good hands at St. John's, though, which is a blessing. I'll keep ya'all updated as I learn more.


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