Friday, June 06, 2014


Unpacked physically but still backed up virtually. Having little access to wifi and no cell service for a week really botched me up and threw off my rhythm. I'm home now and attempting to get back into the groove. I nearly forgot to make a photograph today. I hope to get caught up and post some images from the last week over the weekend. Am doling them out on Instagram and Facebook slowly so as not to overwhelm peoples' feeds. It feels rather anticlimactic.

I'm glad I'm home, with my messy nightstand that holds a pile of books (some finished, some in progress, some waiting), scraps of this and that, charge cords, Kleenex, etc. It's mine and it's home, which makes it good.

Watched "The Monuments Men" tonight. Meh. Good story, but it felt like the film barely skimmed the surface. Clooney mailed it in.


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