Thursday, July 11, 2013



Awesome day at Six Flags. Beautiful weather and the park was only about 20% full. We walked on to most rides, and some we rode twice in a row with no waiting. We all had a blast.

Since I am now an enormous pansy-ass when it comes to amusement park rides, I amuse myself by looking for photographs. Today did not disappoint.

This is my favorite. It looks like a big dandelion to me. Like with one blow all the people riding way up there would scatter into the wind, taking my wish with them.

The thought of this actually happening is just one of the many reasons I don't ride stuff like this anymore.

I did attempt the Ferris wheel, which at Six Flags is enormous. I did fine right up until I didn't, which is when the damn thing started moving. I tried so hard to keep it together. I really wanted to. I wanted to get great photographs from a different perspective, which was today's assignment in my e-course.

It didn't work out. Within seconds I was crying and gasping for air, gripping the cage of our car, and desperately trying to look only at my feet while ignoring the movement of the ride. M came across and held me close, which helped tremendously. Our daughter sat across from us looking at her dad like, "WTF is wrong with Mom?"

So yeah. My grand experiment was a failure. Or maybe it was a success in that I learned that I simply cannot outgrow a fear instilled in childhood. No need to try that again! It's not like the time I tried asparagus as an adult and learned I love it now even though I hated it as a kid.

So, to recap: asparagus good, Ferris wheels very, very bad.

Photography, always.


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