Wednesday, July 10, 2013



My campers came home today! It sounds like they had a blast. So, so happy they went, even though I missed them like crazy. I think it's something they will never forget.

Tonight we went to my nephew's baseball game. First time we've seen him play (tonight was his second game). Holy crap. The boy has serious fielding skills. I mean, jeez. He caught a couple pop flies and a line drive, and as soon as he caught the ball he'd fire it to a base...the RIGHT base. Just to put this into perspective: his teammates, IF they caught the ball (and that's a huge if), they then stood paralyzed, not knowing where to throw it. Even with bases loaded and a force out anywhere. Joey just hammered it. He was aggressive, running to catch each ball, and one of his quick turns resulted in a double play. He was so much fun to watch!

His sister, my niece Emma, was also fun to watch. She picked clover and gave me smoochies, and totally killed me when she reappeared after playing, apparently, in a mulch pile (see image above). She reminds me so much of my sister...I love it!

Tomorrow we're fulfilling one of Zoe's staycation requests: we're going up in the arch! Science center and/or the art museum after. We'll probably avoid the mulch piles, though. Should be a good day.


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