Monday, July 08, 2013



It's not often that I have trouble choosing which image to make my "picture of the day." In fact, many days there isn't even a choice because I was lucky to eke out one photograph.

Today, though, I have two favorites. So it's Reader's Choice day here at Latent Images.

The photo of Zozer in bed was taken first thing this morning to fulfill a class challenge of "morning light." I had intended to get up early and try to capture the sunrise. That didn't happen, and I was delusional to ever think it would. (I am not an early riser by nature.) Thankfully, the morning light in our bedroom is gorgeous, and when I opened my eyes today after feeling a small person climb in next to me, this is what I saw. Score.

This afternoon, I dropped M and Zoe off at Girl Scout camp. That's right. BOTH of them. It's a daddy/daughter thing. I hope they're having a good time. I miss them tremendously, but did enjoy my evening of photographing the house and watching photography DVDs that I try not to make M suffer through. I did not enjoy emptying the trash cans, lugging the trash and recycling to the curb, cleaning the guinea pig's cage and moving the stupid sprinkler all over the yard by myself, but those were small prices to pay for some much-needed solitude.

Also, since I just had a bug-free shower and am getting ready to sleep in my comfy bed while enjoying the wonder of air conditioning, I don't think I can complain.


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