Tuesday, July 02, 2013



It rained all stinking day today. All day. And was chilly. Like 62 degrees chilly. This is NOT St. Louis summer weather. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it's kind of giving me the willies.

Two big additions to the Z house tonight. M is the proud owner of two new Dell all-in-ones, purchased specifically for running the display and the radio station. So, aptly I think, we named them Santa and Rudolph. He's happily setting them up now, lining up all his preferences and downloading software. New technology is always so much fun.

Today was Day 2 of a cute little phoneography e-course I'm taking. I won a seat for free, and am so glad I did. I most likely wouldn't have signed up if I hadn't. Not quite yet in the mode of shelling out $ for my photography again, mainly because I don't feel worthy of it. Not shooting with the Nikon is part of it, along with editing solely in the iPhone and not at all in Photoshop. I'll get there again, and this course is doing just what I hoped it would: it's lighting the spark. It's helping me look for images again, instead of just stumbling across them. Don't get me wrong...stumbling is good and I've found some of my favorite photographs as happy accidents. But I'm truly happiest when I am actively looking, when I am seeking compositions.

This morning, when I first awoke and saw it was raining, I felt discouraged. I knew I'd be working from home and not getting out, and I thought I would struggle to fill today's assignment much less find anything else. I was wrong. Several nice little pictures came from the day, including today's photo of raindrops on some kind of weed creeping over my new mulch.

I'm a little afraid to go back into my new digital darkroom. I'm afraid I will go in there and get so lost in editing and be so happy that M will need a crowbar to get me out.

This is a good problem to have.


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