Monday, July 08, 2013



Today's challenge was color. Green is my favorite.

Today I learned what retirement must feel like.

I woke up when my eyes opened. No alarm. I got up and poked around on the Internet and read a photography magazine (that just came in the mail...not one that sat around for six months waiting for me like what usually happens) and then drooled over the new Nikon DSLRs in the B&H Photo catalog. Got hungry, made some breakfast.

Then I got dressed and did minimal hair and makeup. Dragged the trash cans in from the curb and hit the road. Exchanged a gift at the mall, dropped off a letter at the PO, and did some banking. Headed to a great little local shop to pick up a birthday present for a friend, then back home. Wrapped up the gift for shipping, made some lunch, and took a little nap.

Got up in time for my stained glass class (we started grinding today!). Hit the PO again to ship the gift, then another store to shop for another gift. I was able to leisurely browse instead of running in, desperately searching while thinking of the next eight places I have to be, and running out. I bantered with the clerk, I strolled around. In short, I enjoyed myself.

As I drove home, going the speed limit, I realized I was one of those people who normally aggravate me. Cars sped past me and I was perfectly content to just drive and not race to get somewhere.

Once home, I made some dinner and watched some TV. Edited yesterday's images of the house and posted to Facebook. Painted my toe nails. Watched some West Wing while visiting my favorite photo sites on the iPad.

If this is what retirement is like - doing what I want and what I need to do at a leisurely pace - I'm ready.

I pick up my campers tomorrow afternoon. I miss them and can't wait to hear about their experience. I did get a text from M today. They've gone canoeing and had a nature talk and a campfire. They had craft time and were going to cook their dinner at their camp site tonight.

He signed his text with the camp name we joked he'd take. Mav. As in Maverick. As in Top Gun.

Negative, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.


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