Saturday, July 06, 2013



My challenge today was "family." About 20 minutes before Zoe was picked up by a friend to see movies at a drive-in, I realized that if I didn't shoot her and M NOW I would miss my deadline. D'oh!

So I hustled Zoe into M's project room, where he's been working to get everything going for Christmas, and said, "I need to photograph you two!"

I had thought I'd get an action shot, but the tone of his wall screamed "backdrop! Go in tight!" (Or maybe that was the voice in my head. Whatever.)

So I went in tight and shot four pictures, instructing them after the first one when Zoe had her "cheese" perma-grin plastered on her face. I liked the remaining three so much that I couldn't choose just one, so I used an app to make this nifty little montage. I hadn't used this particular app's editing options before so I thought I'd give them a spin. I liked what I found so much that I didn't even edit in Instagram before posting.

I love learning new stuff!

(I'll tell you what I don't love: Adobe's idiotic decision to not let me buy the latest issue of Photoshop. Nope...if I want it I have to RENT it month to month. WTF. Sure, twenty bucks a month seems like not much, and it's a helluva lot less expensive than buying the old, full versions outright, but my fear is that they'll jack up the price ungodly high after a year or so, or they'll inch it up so gradually we won't notice we're being completely hosed month by month. Suck it, Adobe. You just lost a big fan.)


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