Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Walked home from softball practice tonight and saw this. Reminded me how lucky we are to be able to walk to and from church/school again. Wouldn't have seen this from the car.

In addition to working all day, I brought the last three car loads of crap from the cottage (to be honest they weren't totally full car loads - just weird crap like M's huge model airplane), cleaned the bathroom and downstairs toilet at the cottage and vacuumed, made and cleaned up dinner, and unpacked a boatload of boxes in the basement. Then I carted the empties up to the garage, where I realized that unless I organized the mountain of boxes no more would fit. So I did that, too. Messed with the sprinkler to keep our new sod looking good. Few loads of laundry. Checked homework. Sorted mail. Cut more shelf liners (downstairs bath, Zoe's bath and mud room powder). Organized the boxes and bins going into storage downstairs so all like packages will be stored together. Emptied the dishwasher and cleaned out the sink. Put felt pads under the feet of an ottoman, two couches and a stool.

I'm tired. And still very, very happy.


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