Tuesday, May 07, 2013



Packed ZoBug's room tonight. Put her to bed in our room (which she loves) and went to work on hers. All done and ready for Thursday.

We had a conversation today about the move; she's trying to get it all square in her mind. She knows we are moving Thursday, but she feels a slight disconnect because her routine stays the same. She goes off to school before the movers arrive. She'll wake up in one house and go to sleep, with all her possessions, in another. I imagine that's pretty disconcerting for a seven-year-old.

So we talked it through until she felt comfortable.

"So Mommy, when you pick me up from after care on Thursday, you'll just take me to The New House and that's where we'll stay."

"Yep. That's right."

"I guess we shouldn't call it The New House after that."

M said later, when I relayed the story to him, "No. We should call it Home."



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