Wednesday, May 08, 2013



Awhile back, we stopped at the house to check something or do something, when we stumbled upon friendly strangers on the front porch. They were wearing bicycle helmets (bikes parked on the sidewalk) and they were looking in through the windows so intently they didn't even realize that I was approaching. They had that whole "kid outside the candy store" look, with hands against the glass and everything. They are probably in their early 50s or so, and it was funny to find them there.

I shuffled my feet a little as I walked up, so as not to startle them. They turned around and smiled, and I said, "Well, would you like to see the inside?" I did it mainly for surprise, and it worked. Their mouths dropped open and they gushed, "Are you the owner? Oh my goodness we love your house. It's Frank Lloyd Wright style isn't it? We thought so! We love his work and your home is beautiful. It looks like he designed it!"

And with that, I welcomed them in. It wasn't even near completion (hell, I wonder tonight if it's near completion and we move day after tomorrow), but they could see enough to get the feel. They were super nice and we chatted for awhile. They live a ways down our street and pass our house all the time and had been dying to see it. They wished us well and left, and I thought "What nice people" and then pretty much forgot about them. Too much going on and a finite amount of brain space.

Then last night, while M was at the house working, they showed up again. This time they brought a huge, beautiful vase of flowers with a card that reads, "God bless you in your new home" with their names.

How freakin' cool is that?


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