Thursday, May 09, 2013



Today I:

Got Zozer up, dressed, fed and to school.
Conducted a nearly-2-hour status meeting with the builder, the finisher, the electrician and the painter.
Loaded a bunch of stuff from the garage into Dad's trailer.
Hauled a bunch of stuff upstairs and loaded it into Dad's trailer.
Consulted with the plumber on handheld shower placement.
Fetched lunch.
Helped lead a Girl Scout meeting that involved a trip to a beekeeper's house and a bridging to Brownies ceremony that included a skit, the presentation of cookie prizes, the presentation of bridging badges, and the completion of their badge banners.
Transferred stuff from the trailer into the house.
Cut drawer liners for the remaining kitchen cabinets and a couple bathroom vanities.
Hauled all our framed art up from the basement and into my car, then from the car into the new house.

Among other things.

This all began at 6:15 a.m. and ended just now.

I'll chalk this up to a full day. No wasted moments today.

Tomorrow...or later today, actually...we move. For real. I can't wait!


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