Saturday, May 11, 2013



I was on a roll today with unpacking and cleaning, and I hadn't taken a shower or put on makeup, so I sent M and Zozer off to her noon game at her school. (We're back within walking distance - woot!)

After they were gone a few minutes, I figured out that I can unpack whenever but there are a finite number of first grade softball games on the schedule. And that my daughter is more important than my house. Even if I was putting HER room together.

So I threw on a baseball cap and walked up there.

She did great again today, hitting every time she was at bat. It's fun to watch her play. M coached third, and it's fun to watch him, too. The head coach couldn't be there today, so it was the assistant coach, the bench coach, and M. By the end of the game (which we won), the coaches all needed a stiff drink.

And I was extremely happy with how I chose to spend my time.

I did complete her room, and it's great that she has easy access to all her toys again.


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