Tuesday, March 19, 2013



My window treatment lady came to the house today. We held up samples and made final selections, and then she measured all nine windows we are covering with a nifty little laser. I got nervous when I saw that she measured the width at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. I waited to hear that things aren't square, that there's something wrong I can't fix.

And then she turned to me with a look of surprise. "They're all perfectly square. This is incredible. Do you know how rare it is to find windows that are perfectly square? This trim is very well done!"

And then I started breathing again. And was thankful yet again for my awesome carpenters who work hard to build me a beautiful home.

When I got there earlier today (yes, it was a two-visit day to accommodate the schedules of others) my Irish carpenter was on the phone in hot debate with the cabinet manufacturer. He saw something he didn't like (I hadn't noticed, and probably never would have) and was working to get it fixed. He hung up and grinned, solution in progress.

I was also reassured when the window lady looked around the great room, summed up progress in her head, and proclaimed, "Oh yeah. You're incredibly close. He'll hit the deadline. You're good!" Then she ticked off what was left and how much time each thing takes, and I felt relief. The GC keeps saying he'll hit it, but sometimes I have my doubts. It helps to have an industry pro new to the project express confidence.

All is good, and the end is near. This makes me happy happy happy and tired.

We are so, so close.


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