Monday, March 18, 2013



Since we spent a large part of yesterday doing whatever we damn well pleased, today was spent doing everything that needed to be done.

We kicked off the day with shaving the cat. Always a pleasant ordeal for everyone involved. And it just got better from there. Both cars gassed up, grocery shopping, a Target run, and the replenishment of much-needed girly stuff from the mall. M purchased and assembled the pipe system that will allow us to run power from the house under the front walk to the yard - no more tripping hazards for guests!

The house was picked up, and all laundry sorted, washed, dried, folded and put away. Two pair of shoes de-mudded from forays on the job site. Paid bills and assembled the mountain of paperwork required for taxes. Cleaned out my purse. Sorted M's gas receipts. Entered Zoe's 2013-2014 school calendar into my Outlook calendar. Did a full swap on the cats' litter box, and replenished hay and food for the pig. Finished up closet plans for The New House, and performed some much-needed tape repairs on our well-used and now fairly decrepit building plans. We got M packed for his business trip, and I sorted through a stack of junk mail. There was other stuff, but I can't remember it all. Mainly because now I am really tired.

In the middle of all that, M helped Zozer put the first coat of paint (multiple colors!) on her bird feeder. His company provides the kits for employees' children to assemble and decorate, and then they're all displayed for Earth Day. Everyone votes, but each child gets a small prize just for participating. Last year she painted a bird house. She has a great time doing projects like this - the contest is almost irrelevant. Although she was thrilled with her ice cream gift certickerfate (her word) last year.

I am now ready for the week.

I love that feeling of preparedness. It never lasts long, as I'm sure some kind of hell will break loose tomorrow, but it's all good right now.


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