Thursday, March 07, 2013



Zozo and I sorted all her Girl Scout cookie orders tonight! Fun Zozo-Momo bonding time (M went to a K of C meeting). I read off the orders and she retrieved the boxes, then we bagged and labeled each with her customer's name and the amount they owe. M and I are taking our work orders in tomorrow and we plan to drive around a rainy STL Sunday delivering little boxes of sunshine to the family. I get the better end of the deal tomorrow: Zozer has a half day so I'll pick her up from school and we'll grab lunch before heading to work. In other words, I get the real Daisy Girl Scout herself in my office to deliver her cookies!

I'm concentrating on the success of this, this small, highly controllable little project with an achievable end date because it's distracting me from the completely out of control project I lovingly refer to as my someday-home.

What used to be exciting trips to the site to see progress and make fun decisions has devolved into trudging around wondering how on earth the GC is going to hit the hard deadline we finally imposed after he's pushed the entire project three months late. Or rather, how he's going to hit the deadline our mortgage company is imposing since we locked in our rate last week.

My eye has started twitching again. This happens in times of severe stress. It hasn't been an issue since I left The Job From Hell several years ago, but it's back in full force now. I do okay most of the day, but if I start thinking about The House or we start talking about The House, it starts going crazy. I'm thinking this is not a good sign.

M tells people, "It's really wearing on us. We really need to be in our own home again, with access to all our things." He's very diplomatic about it. I, on the other hand, say, "It's going to f*cking kill me." That's my public relations experience at work, right there.

Twitch twitch twitch.

Maybe I'll go eat an entire box of cookies.


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