Thursday, November 29, 2012



Well, all the work I should have done last night caught up to me today, so there was no time to look for an image, much less shoot one. So here's yet another ubiquitous cat shot.

Poor Max. He's a muse and a last resort. At least he's consistent.

I am glad today is over. It wasn't bad, just heavily scheduled. We kicked off the day with a 2-hour meeting in our unfinished freezing cold house. I still can't feel my feet, and it got up to 60 degrees today. It was warmer outside that house than inside at 7:30 a.m. From there I ran to work and raced against a deadline, until I had to leave for a business lunch. Back in time to chip away at the deadline for 45 minutes until a webinar for which I registered last week started at 2. When that ended at 3, a colleague and I stalked the headmaster through both the high school and the junior school to get approval on a new fundraising logo. (We succeeded!) Finally back to my desk where I was able to wrap up the project that had been looming all day, leaving at 5:30 when it was already pitch black. Home to empty the dishwasher, clean the litterbox and feed the cats, shove some food in my mouth and snuggle with my kid before heading to my first faith sharing group. Which would have been perfect if I could eliminate the 15 minutes of politics that popped up right in the middle.

Tired now, and ready for bed. Tomorrow has more meetings but promises to be slower overall. Thank goodness!


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