Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Zozer had a half day, and I offered her the opportunity to come to work with me. It's hard to say who was more excited.

She hung out and drew pictures, worked on a fun school project, read a book, and played on the iPad. She ate lemon drops from the jar on my desk and enjoyed popcorn and juice and lemonade. She met some of my colleagues, and squealed, "Ooh, look! A monk!" when she spied them out my window. (This happened often, as my view includes the church and the path from the monastery to the high school, where my office is located.) She watched part of a movie. She commandeered my red couch as if she owns it. It made my heart happy to look up from my desk and see her there. We watched some of the boys sing (and man can they sing) and visited the library where she picked up a few bookmarks and more candy from the librarian. She told Father Gregory, my monk, that she wants to go to school there. Given that it's been a boys school since its inception fifty years ago, her request elicited a laugh.

I think she had fun. I hope she had fun. As we walked to the car to drive home, she said she wanted to come back the next time she has a half day. "Or, Momo, I could come for a FULL day!"

I can't wait, either. My wonderful office is just that much more incredible with a little visitor.


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