Monday, November 19, 2012



An end today. A release.

I organized and packed up all my Corvette club newsletter files and burned them to a DVD, happy to hand the title of "editor" on to someone else. M's term as VP (and then acting president) is nearly over.

We just finished Zoe's outdoor soccer season, and M's coaching responsibilities are complete for the year (along with mine as Wife of Coach, lesser but still present). She's playing indoor, but we are mere parents in the stands.

It feels liberating to release responsibilities. It feels good to be just one of the crowd. It's odd for us, as we are both of the "hey, let's see how we can improve that" variety.

Today, I let some work friends know I would not be participating in the cookie exchange. I didn't even entertain the idea. Not worth the stress of yet another obligation. Six dozen cookies ready by December 5? No, thanks. I'll just eat Oreos. Or better for my hips, nothing at all. I was very proud of standing up for myself and doing what is ultimately best for my well-being.

The house is moving along well. We seem to be in a good rhythm now, with regular meetings and appropriate expectations.

All in all, things seem to settling a bit. Just in time for the craze of the holiday season!


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