Saturday, November 24, 2012



I vacuumed my house today. My NEW house.

With a shop vac.

Yes, I realize this is not appropriate.
Yes, I realize my control freak is showing.
Yes, I realize my GC will hire a day laborer to clean before he drywalls.
And yes, I realize the day laborer probably makes minimum wage and doesn't give a shit about this job, whereas I happen to give a very large shit. Since I plan to live there forever and all.

Turns out that building a house produces an astronomical amount of sawdust. And wood shavings. And nails and wire cuttings and all sorts of little ephemera that I'm sure is essential to building a house but which I don't recognize in the slightest.

It's also very, very dusty.

Not so much anymore. It's not eat-off-it clean, but it's a far sight better than it was. He could start drywalling tomorrow and I'd be happy with it. All the wall cavities are spotless, and my invisible baseboards.

I'm tired and sore but incredibly happy. Never been so happy to clean my house, actually. Although I hope when it's finished it's physically easier. And won't require a shop vac.


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