Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"I could SO live in an IHOP."

The International House of Pancakes, or IHOP (or "Pancake House" as Zozer calls it) near us is closed, which is highly upsetting to the three of us who love love love us some Pancake House. Last week they finally turned the signage around, which does nothing, really, because what other building looks like a traditional IHOP? Seeing "POHI" doesn't make me think it's not an IHOP any more. It's still a squat building with a giant bright blue roof.

Anyway, we pass the IHOP most days on our way to work or to run errands or whathaveyou. And Zoe likes to point out the Pancake House whenever she sees it, and asked if it's still locked, and why. It's become a regular part of our routine at this point.

Speaking of routine...M and I, ever since learning our house is broken, have been dreaming (sometimes out loud) about building a new house and the various features we'd like to have. For instance, I want a laundry room that's located right between our bedroom and Zoe's. That's where our closets are, where we get dressed, and where we get undressed...I've never been able to figure out why house designers always put the laundry room as far away from the bedrooms as possible, especially now when washers and dryers are so quiet. I just love schlepping giant laundry baskets full of clothes all over the place.

So it was inevitable that we'd eventually find ourselves talking about our dream house while passing the IHOP, and that the two conversations would eventually merge. That happened this weekend, when M gazed upon the locked IHOP and, with dreamy, glazed eyes, said wistfully, "I could so live in an IHOP."

WTF? Really?

Yup, he could. "Look at that peak! There is so much decorating potential there...I'd have willies about getting up on that steep-pitched roof, though."

And that's when I realized that it doesn't really matter what I pick out for the inside of our dream home, as long as the exterior has holiday decorating potential.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aim, you know that there is an IHOP on watson road, right in front of a home depot (for Mikey)

Hwy 270 to Watson and you're there.

See......life isn't too bad and the IHOP is fairly new!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Amy - I don't think Mike will ever change. Just imagine - he will get worse with age. God only knows how high the monthly Christmas bill will get or high the star will get.

9:23 PM  

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