Thursday, February 26, 2009

This octopus smells like cherries!

Nothing much new to report.

Work = hell
School = hell

Pretty much the only bright spots in my day are the nanoseconds I get to spend with my husband and daughter, which were decreased even more this week by after-business hours events that I was running for work. However, since M and Zozer are brighter than the sun, moon and stars combined, things always seem to be pretty good, if not great.

I've been working at our O'Fallon location on Thursdays for weeks now, as we're between general managers and it was determined that members of the executive management team would rotate shifts out here to keep an eye on things and generally act as Big Brother in the interim. It's been a great gig, as I've gotten to really know the staff out here and have had fun doing spa coordinator duties as needed. Last week we were really slow, so I wandered through the retail area and checked out the products. Each location has its own retail specialist who chooses stock according to the demos of her individual market, which is great, but which means that we can have some really cute items at another location that I don't ever even see.

So last Thursday I perused the stock and found an adorable little plastic octopus filled with pink bath gel. A lot of moms come in to our location out here, so it makes sense to stock kid-friendly products. Zozer has a thing for octopi (and can tell you that if you have more than one octopus, you have octopi) so I knew I had to buy it for her.

Of course, she was thrilled to have her own octopus (the other octopus in the house is a glass creature that mama gave me and that sits on my vanity...she's enthralled by it and knows she's not allowed to play with it on her own as it's pretty fragile, so she regularly asks, "Please can I touch the octopus?" so sweetly that I immediately stop what I'm doing and get it so she can pet its head).

She's carried her new octopus almost non-stop since I gave it to her, and the other day held it up and announced, "This octopus smells like cherries!"

It was such an odd statement, and yet so totally true, that I had to share it.


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