Monday, February 02, 2009


That was our weekend. Mine and Zozer's anyway. Every thirty minutes, we'd sit on the potty for two minutes. Sometimes longer if she wanted to read one of her potty books. While she's now quite experienced at sitting on the potty, she has yet to actually use the potty. We both now know "A Potty For Me" and "The Potty Book For Girls" pretty much by heart, though.

Best part of the weekend: when she pointed the cartoon hands of the "Potty For Me" character (who remains nameless, unlike the "Potty Book For Girls" character, who is Hannah) and asked, "Why doesn't he have thumbs?" There are five fingers, but they're pretty much all the same length so she had a point.

I'm hoping that her teachers this week can convince her that going on the potty is actually good and not, well, apocalyptic as she seems to think. Poor thing would be sitting there on her potty, practically cross-eyed from having to pee so bad, and just would not go. I tried everything. "I'll hold you. You hold me. Here's Hootie. How about some candy. I'll buy you your very own ice cream cake. A pony. A Beemer convertible when you're 16. Whatever you want, just for the love of all that's holy pee on the potty."

M says, "It wasn't so bad. We haven't been at this long, after all." We? WE? Since Daddy is specifically requested to not attend our regular potty sittings, there ain't no "we" about it.

So, here's the weekend by the numbers:
30 - number of minutes between potty sittings
2 - average number of minutes sitting on the potty
0 - times actually going on the potty
5,462 - readings of "A Potty For Me"
4,965 - readings of "The Potty Book For Girls"
563 - times we ran up and down the stairs to go to the potty and then return to playing in the basement
5 - number of "accidents" in our lovely plastic training pants
4 - number of incredibly soaked pull-ups used for nap and night time
8 - quantity of new training pants purchased by Daddy on his Sunday errand run

Despite no deposits in the potty, I do believe we made real progress this weekend. The potty is not something to be feared (although going in the potty is), and she's very, very aware of the need to go now. As is Mommy.


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