Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A hodgepodge of inanity

Nothing much new to write about...we're up to the same ol' same ol'. Work, study, sleep (a little), play with Zozer (Candyland...a lot).

She's doing pretty well with her Big Girl Bed, although she's fallen out a couple times in the middle of the night. We've placed the body pillow purchased when I was pregnant on the floor next to the bed to help cushion the falls. She goes right back down after we scoop her up and mumble, "It's okay" as best we can in our own half-asleep stupor in the middle of the night.

Yesterday I got a little unexpected treat. I drove to Plaza Frontenac to have lunch with a friend, and as I was cruising down Lindbergh I noticed a crane in the parking lot by Nieman Marcus. As was taught from a young age, I immediately checked out the boom. Sure enough, it read "Taylor," Daddy's company. Of course the parking lot was blocked off around the crane so I couldn't drive anywhere near him, but I went around three sides anyway just trying to get a glimpse of the operator. I finally picked up the cell phone and called him, "Where are you working today?" "Plaza Frontenac." "I knew it was you! I knew it! I'm here!" As my friend was expecting me for lunch, I told him I'd call after.

So there we stood for five minutes in Nieman Marcus, just chatting, after lunch. It's amazing what a little unexpected treat like that can do for the rest of your day. It made me realize even more, though, how much I miss everyone. I can't wait for school to be over. O-V-E-R. Done. We're ready to get our lives back.

We've signed up for the next term...two classes again. Economics and...something else I can't remember right now. I can't decide if I think Economics will be cool with everything going on right now, or if it'll be harder. Let's go with cool for now. It helps to try to stay positive.


This post is boring. Why? Because my life is boring. Very, very full, but boring as hell. What fun is there in studying all night, every night? M and I do have some laughs with our classes, but they aren't the kind that would translate into sharing them here. I'd have to write all the backstory and such, and once you do that, the humor is kind of lost anyway. Like how I was tempted to take last week's Organizational Behavior discussion board topic of "Violence in the Workplace" and write a post on "Violins in the Workplace," using that old SNL skit of Gilda Radner's as fodder. I'd write about how violins are very nice but they might be a bit distracting when people are trying to concentrate, plus the salary of a violinist would be detrimental to the profit margin, although, on the whole, I rather like violins. See, falls flat here. Okay, okay, so it didn't even really elicit a chuckle from M, but the attempt was there. I thought it was funny. At the time. Not so much any more.

I do have kind of a funny story from yesterday, actually. I got a facial in the morning (we're training a new esthetician...yay!) and so came out of the room with no makeup on. This is really not acceptable for my job, so I wandered up front and asked our makeup artist for help. She's been telling me for weeks that I need new colors. Okay, fine. Here's your chance. My face is a blank canvas...have fun. I should have added, "You know, within reason." But I didn't. Because I was stupid.

She chose a new color palette that looked really beautiful in the compact. Turns out that's the only place it looks beautiful. Way, way too dark on my eyes. I knew it wasn't right when people were just not saying anything at all or, worse, would see me and go, "Oh!" That's typically not a good sign. Surprise/shock is definitely not a goal of changing one's makeup.

The final straw was when my wonderful husband, who tells it like it is (bless his heart), asked, "What happened to your eyes?" Okay, that's it. I'm washing this crap off my face and going back to my more subtle look. M's take on the situation, "I wondered why you had been hit twice." Which is kind of funny to me, as it implies that he wouldn't wonder if I had been hit only once. Yes, apparently my lovely new makeup didn't freshen my look or make me look glamorous (or G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S...either way) or anything like that. It merely made me look like I had two black eyes.

Today I'm back to my (old...boring...stodgy...conservative...insert adjective of your choice) look, which I sincerely hope doesn't elicit any reactions of shock, horror, or questions about physical violence. Or violins.

Okay, I'm done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're glamorous just the way you are! But you'd be really hot in zip-off hiking pants and a fleece vest!

9:38 PM  

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