Friday, October 31, 2008

A nun, a witch and Peg Bundy...

I just walked by my boss's office where a meeting was taking place. I'm not kidding you...there sat a nun, a witch and Peg Bundy (from Married With Children, of course).

Ahhh, I love Halloween.

I thought I wasn't going to be able to dress up today, as a colleague scheduled a business meeting off-site with a potential corporate client. So, you know, I have to look all presentable and business-like. Completely shot my planned Halloween costume to hell.

So I grudgingly schlepped in today dressed professionally (read: boring) with my little red horned headband that I can remove before the meeting and gazed in awe at my awesome coworkers, whose creativity astounds me. One of our estheticians, Douglas, is Clay Aiken, complete with styled wig and a baby doll strapped to his chest in a harness. My general manager is the witch from Sleeping Beauty (green face, purple eyeshadow, and staff with a vulture). The front desk is a slumber party, which is about the most comfortable costume in the world. My boss is a nun. With fishnet stockings, red shoes and red earrings. Her nametag reads, "Sister Mary Bad Habit."

I was soundly abused for not bringing my camera in to work today. Okay, okay, I get it. I'll run home and pick it up (good thing I live close to work).

That's when inspiration struck. I not only picked up the D100, I also slung the ol' Nikon N80 and a vintage Canon TX over my photographer's vest and changed the plastic nametag holder to read "Liberal Elite Gotcha Media." Of course, I kept the red horns, too.

Happy Halloween...and boo!


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