Thursday, October 23, 2008

The glass is half-FULL, dammit

In a day filled with utter crapiness (or is it crappiness? I'm not quite sure the correct spelling of crapiness, but one p looks better than two, so we're going with that one)(also, does anyone really know if turd is the correct spelling of turd, or could it be terd? I haven't had the guts to see if it's in Webster's, and I really don't care all that's just more of an idle curiosity...and a firm belief that it could go either way), there were a few bright spots:
  1. We both officially earned A's in Advanced Financial Management. I thought this was a real achievement until I learned that one of the boneheads in my group was given an A-. WTF. I'm pretty confident that my work on the "group" project saved his ass, but whatever. He's not in Management Accounting with us, so I'm pleased.
  2. I got e-mails from some awesome friends who made me laugh (many, many, many thanks to Ping and Ted O. - you guys have absolutely no idea how sorely a laugh was needed this afternoon) and a story from Stef that completely cracked me up (say hi to Keith for me, Pookers!).
  3. My wonderful daughter gave me hugs and smoochies, which makes everything else melt away. And she ate dinner wearing one of her chef hats, which just kills me.
  4. M made me one of my all-time favorite meals (BLTs and tomato bisque) for dinner. He's such a good hubster.

So, all in all, I end this day eternally grateful for the good things in life, the bright spots, the silver linings and the hills that balance out the valleys. And most of all, for the ability to laugh, no matter how many turds (terds?) hit the fan.

Prayers humbly requested, please, for my Auntie B, and, for that matter, for the whole famn damily, too.


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