Monday, October 27, 2008

These MBA classes are really helping!

A fine weekend was had by our little family, complete with barbecue two days in a row (to M's delight), pizza two days in a row (to my delight), being chased by scary mass murderers and zombies (some wielding chain saws, to Michelle's dismay), a train ride, a birthday party, and a visit to the pumpkin patch. Damn, come to think of it, we packed a lot of fun into one weekend!

I also had ample opportunity to impress upon M the utter importance of my owning a Nikon D300, and have laid out a timeline to make it easy: it's to be a Schiller's Christmas as my dad calls it, which means I can put gift cards towards it and still have the new body with plenty of time to adjust before our trip to Yosemite in late May. See how handy that works out? M, unfortunately, does not see the handiness in my planning. I don't know what else the man wants...I'm making it incredibly easy for him to make me incredibly happy. He doesn't even need to wrap it. Or buy it. Or think about it/know it's happening. I'll do it all.

M tried to play the expense card, but once I sat him down (well, not so much sat him down but rather cornered him in the darkroom as he was trying to figure out iTunes on my mac - for the Christmas display, mind you) and started adding up his annual addition to the light display with purchases scattered over several months, he didn't really have much left to stand on. (And I think it's working, too, as I didn't even have to employ "Aim Math," as he likes to call it.) My reasoning is that it's not my fault I choose to spend my annual hobby allotment at one time while he portions his out over the year (and, I think, probably gets more in the process that way).

Besides, he adds to the display every year, and I haven't gotten a new body in over six.

Then I decided to employ some Aim Math to the situation anyway, because, you know, more information can't hurt, right?

So I calculated up how much I'm saving by not frequenting Starbucks. Hmmmm, let's see. One decaf grande nonfat nowhip extrahot mocha at $3.69, versus an $1,800 D300. Okay, so, roughly 488 mochas and I'm there. I went high on the D300 as I want to purchase it from my local camera store (better service, help if there's an issue, etc.) rather than Amazon. Love Amazon, but not sure I want to talk to Joe (the plumber? six-pack?) in the shipping warehouse if I've got a hot pixel.

I've been off the juice for over a week now, and if you calculate one mocha per day (this is Aim Math, you see, so I can do whatever I want), I'm already at a credit of approximately $36.90. Only $1,763.10 more to go.


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