Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Milestone: Zozer has caught her first cold at school. She's basically a little snotball with watery eyes...but I think she's already on the mend. We elevated one end of her crib last night, and I held her in The Big Purple Rocking Chair until she fell asleep. Lots of fluids, the humidifier, and two attacks of the Big Green Monster (otherwise known as the aspirator). You'd think we were twisting her nose off by the way she yells when she sees that thing coming.

Today we decided to make it a Jammy Day, because who doesn't like to stay in their PJs when they're sick, and we could pull it off because she goes to Grandma's on Tuesdays. M took her over as he usually does, then departed for work.

He called later: "So I got to work this morning and I went to take off my coat, and there was a bulge and I was like, 'What the hell?' Then a wing poked out." He had forgotten to remove Hoot from his coat pocket after the transport across the yard.

And this, my friends, is precisely why we have back-up Hoots. 2 of 4 came out of rehab and went willingly into Zozer's arms, while 3 of 4 will be spending the day with Daddy at work. We've been talking about putting 3 of 4 on the DL for awhile now, as he's started to look a little ragged, so the timing is actually pretty good.

Anyway, between Zozer being sick and homework last night, I haven't gotten back to the computer to process any images from this weekend. I'm hoping to wrap up homework tonight and then I can spend the rest of the week playing in the darkroom. This class is so much better (read: easier) than last term...and I'm thankful for it! We desperately needed a break.

Sigh. I'm at work now, but I wish I were at home in my pajamas. Doesn't that sound good today?


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