Friday, October 24, 2008

Define decrepit...

After homework last night I perused, which is one of my most favorite things to do if I can't actually be out making images, or don't currently have anything I feel like futzing with in Photoshop.

So I log in and on the list of posts with the most responses I see this, "Should I upgrade to a D100..."

That's my camera, which I state unequivocally has served me faithfully for, what, seven (?) years now. But, because it's that old (in the digital sense), it doesn't exactly show up frequently on the forums and such anymore. So when it pops up, I like to see what people are saying.

Especially when someone posts "Should I upgrade to a digital camera that hasn't been manufactured in years." That just doesn't make sense. And I always like to be a gear snob (with all the other gear snobs on and snicker at people who post having done no research.

So the woman who posted currently owns a D80, which is a great camera, and much, much newer than the D100 (and is, in fact, still being manufactured and sold)(unlike the D100). Nikon didn't go in numerical order with it's labelling, which is confusing to newbies. So the woman posts that she bought the D80 and it's nice, but she's wondering if she didn't miss out on something by not going to the D100. Then, to let us know how she uses her camera so we can help her make a decision, she posts, "Cost to upgrade again is not an issue. I use my camera primarily to take pictures of my children, and at our second home on Lake Tahoe."

Which is when I wanted to vomit.

Good grief.

I got to laugh as the posts started rolling in, because is full of smartasses like me and it's just fun to watch 'em jump on someone like that. I mean, really, was it necessary to post "my second home on Lake Tahoe?" I think not. I'm pretty sure saying, "budget issues aside, what would you recommend" would have been perfectly fine.

So the Tahoe comment on top of the idiotic question about "upgrading" from a brand new camera to one that's no longer produced and is out-of-date left her wide open.

Anyway, I read the comments so I could laugh along with my fellow p.netters. Only, by the end I wasn't laughing. I mean, yeah, I know that my beloved D100 is old (relatively speaking), but I've made some great images from it and have been quite pleased with its performance. But to hear people talk about the upgrades Nikon has introduced in their bodies since the D100 was released, well, I admit I was drooling a bit by the end.

Then, someone actually tagged "decrepit" in front of the D100 name. "A decrepit D100..." Yikes. Now that's downright depressing.

I've been hearing the D300 call for awhile now and have done a pretty good job of ignoring it. Last night I thought that perhaps I could cure my decrepit D100 blues by checking out the D300 on the 'net. Plus, I was curious now. What could the D300 possibly offer that would warrant giving up the camera body I know and love for a brand new learning curve? Uh, yeah. That's so not a good idea. Gear junkies should not go out looking for confirmation that their current camera is anything but awesome. Because they'll find it. Quickly. And then the lust for the new camera body begins.

M laughed at me as I started making gutteral noises with every new discovery. 12.3 megapixels (versus my current 6.1). 100 frame buffer (versus my current 3). Full-frame viewfinder (versus my current 90-something%). That sort of thing. The kind of thing that causes gear junkies to make Tim Allen grunting noises, and look with disdain at their cameras that just moments before were fine (if not cherished and beloved).

At the same time, I feel a little guilty. I mean, my D100 has been an awesome camera. It's gone darn near everywhere with me and has never failed. It's comfortable and I've got it all adjusted and tweaked just to my specs (it tends to shoot bright, so I set the exposure compensation for -.3 to back it off a bit), and here I am, oogling a a sexy new body just because it boasts a world of improvements. I'm being a bit unfaithful to my steady companion, and it hurts.

But not enough to stop me for asking for a D300 for Christmas. I added it to my Amazon wish list this morning. Because, really, just in case someone decides to drop over $1,500 on me I'd like to make it as easy as possible for them. (Or, rather, him.) (M.) (Hint hint.)


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