Friday, October 17, 2008

Farewell, Financial Management

M and I, torturing ourselves for one last night, reviewed our finance final, made some last-minute tweaks and adjustments, and turned the bastard in. It was the last piece of the Advanced Financial Management puzzle.

I thought I would feel overwhelming joy and ecstacy. I just feel tired, mostly. And antsy. I need an 80% on the final just to carry my A. M is in a bit better position, requiring only a 68% for his A.

I just looked at the textbook and realized that I never, ever have to open it again. Okay, so that makes me feel a little better. I do wish, however, that we had more than just two days' worth of a break before starting Management Accounting. Which, by the way, went live on our on-line classroom today. I downloaded the syllabus for us. We've already been assigned Chapters 1 and 2 to read, as a "pre-class assignment." WTF is that?

I'll probably feel a bit more positive with the morning light. Today began way too early with a staff meeting at our furthest off-site location, requiring waking at an ungodly hour to get myself ready and Zozer dropped off at school (which, naturally, is the opposite direction of where I have to go for the meeting) and out to the location in time to set up for my presentation.

Meeting days are always rough, because I have to really be on my game right at the beginning since I present at every meeting (we have three meetings each month, one for each location). There's no getting a cup of coffee while the computer boots up, and then sipping slowly while perusing e-mails and getting the day lined out. It's like BAM: showtime! So, yeah, meeting days kinda blow. (At least my knees don't knock and I don't feel like my face is about a thousand degrees any more when I present. You do it enough, you get used to it.)

Tag a finance final on the end of that day and there's some major suckitude going on.

Ah, it's over now, though, and M and I are nearly ready to turn in for the night. So, farewell Advanced Financial Management. You surely will not be missed.


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