Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, okay.

I logged into my on-line classroom just to take a look around, see what's new, that sort of thing. Sure enough, something new was posted. The grade for the final report on the "group" project.

I immediately started sweating. I always sweat when I'm getting grades, even when I'm sure I aced something. Don't know why. (Drinking heavily at Rolla, by the way, got rid of that annoying trait, except for that mid-term GPA of .8, which was a little sobering. But I digress.)

Nervously, I clicked into the grade reporting section and scrolled down. 25/25.

Wahoooooo! Shazam!

I mean, the statement, "All group members received the same grade" was a tad infuriating, but, whatever. I got my A, and that makes me happy.

The good professor also posted that our rubric was available for download in our group's discussion section, so I eagerly went there to read our feedback.

"Your report met the requirements."

WTF? I put all that time and effort into it (blood, sweat, tears, the sacrificing of my green highlighter when I flung it across the room in frustration) and all I get was "you met the requirements?"

I don't know what I expected, really. Maybe, "Wow, Amy, you're such a good Advanced Financial Management doobie. Great job!" or even a "Good work" or maybe "You seem to have a firm grasp of the concepts taught in this course." Dude, throw me a bone or something. But "your report met the requirements?"

Given that two of the requirements were proper spelling and grammar, I'm not impressed with myself for merely meeting them. In fact, usually I pride myself in surpassing the requirements so much that they ought to create a new grade category just to account for my academic awesomeness. A++ or something. "Meeting the requirements" screams C, or average, to me. I guess I expected more out of grad school.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I'm turning in the final tonight and then Advanced Financial Management can go blow it out its ear.


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