Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, as you know, I like to visit different photographers' web sites and have a look around. Sometimes I hit some real bombs, and some are rather good. Then there are those that make you suck in your breath really quick and go, "Ooooooo."

I hit one of those this morning, and thankfully I had just swallowed the Raisin Bran or that would have been bad.

I have my list 'o favorite photogs and I visit from time to time, just to see what's up, if they've done any new work, etc. One of the guys I like to drop in on conducts regular workshops with another photographer. I'm starting to see his name around other places, too, like in LensWork and such. I never much paid attention before, but this morning, while perusing said first guy's site, I clicked on a link for second guy's site just for shits.

Sucker punch right in the solar plexus. Wow. Made me pine away for my Nikon and want to play hookie from work today, just to go try to make images like that.

Way cool stuff.

Food for the soul, I say.

Suddenly, I don't care too much about the group project any more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim & Hunter are my neighbors (relatively speaking -- they live at the other end of Monterey Bay). I'll tell 'em they've got a fan! (You won't be the first...)

BTW, Hunter has self-published two or three really luscious books in the past few years.

Ted O

1:19 AM  

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