Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Posting schmosting

In our on-line class, we have a discussion forum. This is where we can post comments and questions, and interact with our classmates. It's our "classroom" so to speak. Because we have group projects this term, our instructor created separate, private discussion boards for each group. We can post to each other and none of the other groups can see it, which would be awesome except at this point my group really has nothing worthy to steal.

Last night, my group's discussion board hit 100 posts. I wondered, because I'm a giant nerd and there were a few brain cells actually not working on my own and four others' homework, if 100 posts for the group board was average, high or low.

"Hey, M," I said. If I'm gonna be distracted from my studies, I might as well take him down with me. "How many posts does your group board have?" He checked - they have 105 posts. I thought that was mildly interesting. A short time later I mentioned to him for the bajillionth time how worthless my teammates are. He asked what they were posting. I read about 10 out loud to him.

He said, "So, your people are posting, but they're not really saying anything."



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