Thursday, September 18, 2008

Writer's block

I think that there is only a finite amount of work a human being can do in one day. After that point has been reached, the brain shuts off. "Nope. Uh uh. Not gonna do it."

I have hit that point today.

This morning was filled with lots of little projects, culminating in one slightly bigger project that required creative writing. Which, at that point, my brain was not wanting to do. It's like when your car sputters and has a hard time starting when your gas tank is almost empty. It'll run, but grudgingly.

So it was particularly hard for me to get my brain engaged in creative writing this afternoon, which was compounded by the fact that I was on deadline and really needed to wrap it up. I wrote something and knew it was crap. I read it out loud to my colleague, who doesn't mince words. "That sucks." That lead to five wasted minutes of conversational boxing:

"That sucks. I don't like it."
"Shut up."
"Well, it does."
"You write it, then."
"No, you're the writer. Just write something better."
"Don't you think if I could write something better, I would?"
"Well, you need to write something different. Because that sucks."
"Shut up...I know."

This, of course, was all punctuated with various hand gestures. I finally produced something marginally better that people here seem to be pleased with, although I'm getting a secret chuckle out of the fact that I have "but" twice in the first 8 seconds. I mean, it's not "butt," but it sounds like it.

And now my brain's gas tank is completely empty and I'm half-ass searching the piles on my desk for tasks that require little to no brain power.

Wouldja look at that? I just wasted five whole minutes here!


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