Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm off this morning to the surgery center, to have my little friend who has taken up lodging on my wrist permanently removed. After surgery at 10:30 a.m., the wrist cyst will be no more! Of course, my right arm will essentially be like a club hanging off my body for a few days, but the little bastard that's been causing pain, numbness and loss of grip for months now will be gone.

I'm nervous, of course, but not about the surgery. I'm nervous about the loss of independence that comes after the surgery. I don't like to ask people for help, and I'll definitely need it, so I'm already a bit freaked about it.

I have taken some precautions, though. M is lined up to be my knight in shining armor (or Final Four t-shirt, whatever) for the day. Lots of people are bringing me food. The house is clean and the laundry is done, folded, and put away. And perhaps most importantly, I've put the camera on the tripod so as to avoid a futile one-handed attempt to snap it into its quick-release plate. There will be no shooting free-handed for awhile, but maybe I can catch up on some still-life work I've been meaning to get to.

I made tons of great images of Zozer this past weekend, as it was her third (!) birthday and we went to the zoo and for a ride on the Wabash Frisco, among other things. I'm hoping to perfect my left-handed Photoshopping skills quickly, and figure that my basic alterations (level adjustment, sharpening, cropping) will go fairly quickly even with my less-dominant hand.

Anyway, seeing as how typing will be reduced to left-handed hunt and peck, I don't think I'll be spending a lot of time here. And when I do feel like getting on, capitalization is likely to disappear. Just a warning.

I'll also be under the influence of pain meds. Which, come to think of it, might make for some very interesting posts.

Wish me luck!


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